Probation Services


Cameron County Probation Services consists of multiple Divisions and together make up a variety of options to better serve our youth. Juvenile Probation Officers are responsible for supervising juvenile offenders who have been adjudicated and placed on probation. Supervision affords public protection, teaches juveniles accountability for their actions, and enhances their ability to make decisions in their present and future lives.

The Court system also offers diversionary programs that are essentially alternative options to the formal juvenile justice system for youth who have been charged with a minor crime.

Each youth is assigned a Supervision Officer who monitors compliance and helps the youth connect with service providers. If the youth does not comply with Probation, is charged with a serious crime, or has a significant history of offenses, the youth may be ordered to live in a residential facility for a period of time.

Below are a list of our different Divisions:

  • Intake
  • Court
  • Deferred
  • Re-Entry
  • Field
  • ISD Collaborative
  • Intensive Supervision
  • Special Needs Diversionary Program
  • Sexual Offenders
For more information regarding Probation Services and its specific Divisions, please click on our FAQ tab.