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Grant Writing and Program Management

The Economic Development & Community Affairs Department seeks to bring as many resources to our county as possible. Currently we are managing 12 programs that bring in over $18.5 Million to the county.  In direct grants alone, there have been over $60 million awarded since the 1980″s.  These grants have provided financial help in law enforcement, courts and probation programs, water supply and wastewater projects, residential housing assistance construction, general aviation airport improvements, historic courthouse restoration, and related social welfare programs.  The Emergency Services District management is a major program initiative.

Economic Development

Cameron County is looking to be the best partner a business can have.  We have an arsenal of strategies the county can employ to create the best possible economic climate possible for your company.  Our strategic location on the Mexican border served by four international bridges and one rail-only bridge, Brownsville’s deep water port, Harlingen’s intracoastal waterway access, our superb highway system, rail access, two commercial airports and one county general aviation airport all with long runways can move your products and bring you what you need.  Our quality of life is enhanced by our moderate coastal climate where you can play golf, tennis, boat, fish, or sit on the beach almost all year-round. To find out more please call (956) 544-0828.

Community Affairs

Quality of life is very important to the leaders of our county.  The County’s Rural Street Light Program is a cooperative self-help style program to provide safety and security in rural neighborhoods.  Community leaders generate a petition of 75% or more to enlist the County in setting up lighting infrastructures and collecting payments for the electrical service.  The County is also looking to implement a program to provide “Quality of Life” type venues funded by fees paid by the visitors to our area that would offer concerts, nature trails for hiking, biking or paddling so that our visitors and residents can enjoy the beautiful natural coastal areas teaming with birds, fish and wildlife.

Community Assistance

  The Economic Development & Community Affairs function of Cameron County prides itself on the assistance that has been brought to the county’s colonia developments located in the rural areas. The term “colonia,” in Spanish means a community or neighborhood. The Texas Office of the Secretary of State defines a “colonia” as a residential area along the Texas-Mexico border that may lack some of the most basic living necessities, such as potable water and sewer systems, electricity, paved roads, and safe and sanitary housing.  Through grant writing efforts and program management, colonias such as Cameron Park and Laguna Heights have been refitted with services such as reliable water supply, wastewater services, good drainage, paved roads and street lights.  There are many more communities who need one or more of these services.  The Texas Secretary of State lists 196 colonia communities in Cameron County.  Through 2015, Cameron County has invested over $60 Million in housing and infrastructure projects to address the needs of the residents in these communities.

       Cameron County Self-Help Colonia Initiative provides residents in  fivecolonias on-site technical assistance to low and very low-income individuals and families in a variety of ways including housing, and community development activities, infrastructure improvements, and outreach and education. Operation of the Colonia SHC’s is carried out through a contract between the County and the Community Development Corporation of Brownsville in a two-year program.  The photo on the right is the beginning of a new dwelling being provided through the program.

The Community Development Corporation of Brownsville contracts with the County to administer the housing self-help programs to assist residents of the county’s colonias.


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